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Chay Laayoune

At Oma Trading, we aim to introduce you to exceptional products. With Chay Laayoune, embark on a journey to discover Asia and enjoy the unique flavors of good Chinese green tea! More than just a beverage, tea is a true ceremonial object all over the world. As a factor of socialization, it brings people together and contributes to community bonding. That’s why it has been consumed in China for nearly 4000 years. Tea is also an integral part of Indian, Maghreb, and English culture. Immediately rolled after harvest and meticulously dried, the green teas we offer captivate not only with their subtle taste but also with their long-lasting qualities, maintaining their splendor over time.

Hayatti Tea

For Hayatti Tea, raw materials are selected with great rigor. Tea leaves are mainly handpicked and come from the Middle Kingdom, China. Packaging is done in an ergonomic box, packed in an airtight bag to ensure the preservation of the authentic flavors of Hayatti Tea.


The satisfaction of your customers necessarily depends on the quality of your dishes, but also on the quality of the drinks you offer them. That’s why it’s important to always have a varied selection of cold or hot drinks in your establishment. Refreshing or friendly, soothing or invigorating, they will allow them to have a moment up to their expectations.

Zitouna Olive

The fruit of the olive tree is commonly consumed in Mediterranean countries, and olive cultivation occupies a vast place in the Mediterranean landscape. Everyone is familiar with the health benefits of olives and their oil.


Cultivated in all latitudes, legumes present a remarkable range of shapes, tastes, and colors. Widely used in oriental gastronomy, legumes bring their delicate flavors to meat or fish dishes, as well as salads, purees, and slow-cooked recipes. To enhance their taste, they are traditionally accompanied by spices (include internal link for SEO) or aromatic herbs. Rich in protein, iron, and vitamins, legumes are now available in several thousand species. Oma Trading aims to make you benefit from this diversity.

Tagine Epices

Since the first harvest of pepper grains 4000 years ago, spices have been one of the foundations of our gastronomy. Used to enhance the taste of a dish or preserve food, they have crossed through ages and civilizations to become coveted objects. Alongside their taste qualities, spices are also highly valued. Today, it is simply impossible to imagine a meal without adding a few pinches of spices, each possessing recognized medicinal virtues. Some are appreciated for their purifying or diuretic qualities, while others attract attention for their tonic, stimulating, or slimming properties.